Friday, 7 February 2014

From Script to Screen: Idea Developments

Idea 1:

  • Thief in a museum, actually a trapeze artist so able to move about with a lot of ease to avoid security guard. 
  • Uses a grappling hook for entry and escape.

Found this idea too generic so didn’t develop any further.

Idea 2:

  • Museum dedicated to circuses, one of the displays has an old yellowing newspaper clipping and rusting grappling hook with it.
  • The story with the newspaper clipping describes a horrific accident at a popular troupe's performance, and all that's left of them is this report, name completely tarnished because of the accident.

Idea 3 (Further development on no.2):

  • Old man visits a closing down museum dedicated to circuses, and stares at an old display case with a newspaper clipping. 
  • Displayed with it there’s leotards, photographs and a rusting grappling hook.
  • The newspaper headline tells of a horrific accident at a popular troupe’s performance, and a flashback ensues of the fateful night where a duo introduces a new part to their performance, a grappling hook – which results in the performance going wrong and causing casualties and also the death of one of the duo.
  • Revealed that the old man is the survivor of the duo and wanted closure after so long.

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