Tuesday, 18 February 2014

From Script to Screen - Character Biographies

Old Man Biography:
  • Dan “Burch” Burchell
  • Late 60’s
  • Grey haired looks worn out – heavy wrinkles and dark eye bags.
  • Slight hunch, walks with a cane.
  • Wears an old greying suit and a hat.

Visitor of the old circus museum that’s closing down. Was once a performer of the Hengler Circus over forty years ago, and part of the trapeze artist duo; the “Burch Brothers”. Partner was not actually his brother but a childhood friend and “blood brother”. Was less recognized than his partner.

The one to introduce the grappling hook into their act, which later resulted in the death of his partner. After the accident he ran away from his circus life and for over forty years he lived with his guilt.

Found out about the exhibit about the “Burch accident” at the museum and decided it was his last chance to finally find closure.

Security Guard Biography:
  • Early 30’s
  • Typical security uniform

Works at the circus museum. Approaches the old man when he visits. Very knowledgeable regarding the “Burch accident”.

Don “Burch” Burchfield
  • Trapeze Artist
  • Eldest of the duo “the Burch Brothers”
  • Childhood friend of his partner
  • Victim in the “Burch accident”

Partnered with Dan for this “Burch Brothers” act in the Hengler troupe. The more popular of the two, which he wasn’t aware of. Was originally very weary of the idea of introducing the grappling hook into their act but in the end accepted Dan’s choice.

During the performance the hook detached and his partner was unable to catch him, and he fell to his death.

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