Saturday, 28 September 2013

Cinematic Spaces: Thumbnails 1-16

For this project I was given 3 extracts from "Journey to the Center of the Earth" by Jules Verne. 

I've also decided to split each extract up and focus on one particular description at a time, do 16 thumbnails on that, move on to the next piece of description and then finally combine all the descriptions for a further 16 thumbnails. This is just so I can ensure I'll be getting well above the 100 minimum thumbnails for this project. 

Here are my first 16 based from this description in the first extract provided:

"...crystals of opaque quartz, set with limpid tears of glass, and hanging like clustered chandeliers from the vaulted roof, seemed as it were to kindle and form a sudden illumination as we passed on our way." - Journey to the Center of the Earth, Chapter XVII

I've primarily focused on different angles and views of the clusters of crystal in the cavern. 
Personal favourites from this collection is 3 & 4. I really like the view from the bottom of the crystal pit (no.3) and no.4 feels like your entering the mouth of a very toothy beast~
Another thing I did with these is slightly airbrush with over the crystals (setting the opacity low) to give them an illuminated effect which I personally think worked nicely in that aspect as well as give the caverns some depth. 

CG Artist Toolkit Maya: Modelling

Polygon > CV Curve Tool > Sub Division

Friday, 6 September 2013

Summer Project: Thumbnails 1-23

Well, first blog entry and this has the first few bits for the summer project that's been set. It's been quite a fun experience working from the selection of objects provided to form these weird and wonderful things. I have more of these lying around on scraps of paper so they'll be getting scanned and edited to get posted too~

Mixture of quick sketches, more detailed and silhouettes for this round:

Tried focusing more on structures this time: