Monday, 30 June 2014

[ @Phil ]Fantastic Voyage - Fern Life Cycle Animation

Due to time constraints there's a scene or two missing.

Fantastic Voyage: Meiosis and Sporangia redo

The pace ended up being too quick for this, so it will be reworked for the complete animation.

Fantastic Voyage: Fern life cycle

Taking on board the feedback, the primary focus for this is too embrace the 3D a bit more. My models were incredibly flat and the lack of camera use emphasised that. So there has been some readjustments to the storyboard where that is concerned.

The main areas I've focused on for this is; the sporangia, spore dispersion, the gametophyte, fertilisation and developing sporophyte.

I quickly scribbled the new storyboard down to keep it on track:

The fern was remodelled:

 As was the gametophyte:

I've still tried to keep to my simplistic designs from the original concepts: