Saturday, 8 February 2014

From Script to Screen - Further Development of Logline, Premise and Step by Step Outline


An old man finally comes to terms with his mistake.


After years of suffering, it’s time for an old man to visit his past and accept his mistakes.

Step by Step Outline:

  • Old man visits closing down circus museum.
  • Stops at one particular display which has an old newspaper clipping, leotards, pictures and a grappling hook.
  • Security guard walks by and comments on the “tragic accident”, and the old man wearily nods in agreement.
  • After a while of staring at the display, the camera zooms into the newspaper clipping and flashback ensues.

  • Two young men in leotards surrounded by photographers, one looking less pleased with his partner.
  • Jumps to a discussion between the two in their caravan; the displeased one from before excitedly telling his partner of his new “idea” for their act – the older one looking uncomfortable and unsure about it.
  • Finally agrees to his partner’s ideas; camera shows that the other was holding a grappling hook.
  • Night of performance; the half who introduced the idea to his partner launches the grappling hook and swings across.
  • All is going well until after a short while when the eldest of the duo takes his next turn with the grappling hook – the hook comes loose and the younger fails to catch his partner as they cross.
  • The other falls – blacks out.

  •      Back to the old man, pained as he remembers, his hand is touching the picture of the two young men together.
  •      The older man in the photo is grinning up and him, which startles the old man as he doesn't remember the photo being like that.
  •      Tears in his eyes, he smiles softly at the photo.
  •      He tilts his hat and walks away from the display and out the museum; finally finding his closure.

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