Thursday, 4 December 2014

Narrative: Environment Lighting and Texturing

The environment was passed onto me to do the texturing and lighting once the UVs were done.
I put some base textures down for whilst I do the lighting arrangements.

This was the first lighting arrangement that was done before the environment was given to me to work on, the main feedback for this was to take out lights from the light bulbs as it was too bright.

Firstly I took out all the directional lights before touching the light bulbs and adjusted the windows at the back.

Since the start of our animation is supposed to give an overall dull feel before the light change.

As there was no finalized design for the environment as a whole I made some adjustments to the machinery, placements of the crates and added paper littering the environment.

During the animation their is a slight colour change to the environment, so I added some pink lighting to suggest the romantic theme of with the use of an ambient light in the scene.

I took this shot into after effects to see what type of filter we could do for the "romantic" scene, it entirely depends on how over the top we'll be with it:

There are some lights above that need to be removed and designs on the posters to be laid out.

 Now that I had a good idea of the lighting I was able to concentrate on the texturing that we wanted. 

Changed the grating floor to a smaller, diamond shaped texture and reduced reflectivity.

Added a rusted brass texture to the machinery.

To differentiate between the boxes "UP" lettering added to them. Small screws were also added to the rollers on the conveyor belt so when animated a sense of movement is given.

"Valentine's" posters added.

Lighting touched up slightly and handed over to add the characters into the scene.

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  1. yeah I think it's looking much better now :) well done