Friday, 19 December 2014

Character: More Environment Development

As previously discussed with Justin, my game will be a platform game and his main concern was how I would go about doing the backgrounds. My main idea is for a 2D environment but creating depth with the use of silhouettes. My main influence for the style of the environment is the adventure game Ghost Trick, developed by Capcom for the Nintendo DS.

At the start of this project I was looking into sci-fi labs for the environment, but as the character design was forming I've realised from its colour scheme which I became quite fond of, it would be more suitable in a steampunk-esque environment instead.
I've collected some images of steampunk labs to influence the type of machinery and what-not that I want to include in the environments.

I quickly jotted down some ideas of what type of objects I'd like to use in the environment. I referenced more steampunk objects to design the machinery.

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