Saturday, 3 January 2015

Character: Character Final Concepts

V2 is the playable character in the game. The last of the experiments to awaken from its long slumber. A basic combat model in appearance, its true power lies in its core's ability to mutate its abilities with the use of other model's cores. V2's limbs are pure energy generated from its electromagnetic core and is able to shape them at will. Its core is powerful enough to allow V2 to float, but in its current state, it does not last long. 
In game sprite.

Like the background, V2's design was adapted into the vector style.
V3 is the successor of V2, however due to booting up before V2, it was able to upgrade itself to the design we see here by combining itself with other experiments in the lab. When the humans were still running the lab, it was actually because of V3 the project was shut down and the lab abandoned as it was too much of a risk.

Size comparison with V2.

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