Thursday, 24 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces Thumbnails: 65-76

Here I've selected my favorite 4 thumbnails from the past few sets. 65-68 is a combination of the crystals and lava described in the first extract (which I sketched out separately first).

Using a separate layer set to "overlay", I painted over the B&W thumbnails. Once I was happy with the colours I then created another layer on top set at "luminosity". With the airbrush tool I lightly painted over to either give it a glowing/smokey/light effect to them. This worked especially well with the lava & crystal set.

I can see from this set my favorites emerging to be used as my final pieces. However, as much as I like no.69; I'm not entirely sure it will alongside such an impacting orange mix and green. An experiment would be for the best before I set on that if I want to use it as a final image.

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