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Cinematic Spaces Film Review: Metropolis

Metropolis is a 1927 German expressionist epic science-fiction film directed by Fritz LangMade in Germany during the Weimar PeriodMetropolis is set in a futuristic urban dystopia, and follows the attempts of Freder, the wealthy son of the city's ruler, and Maria, whose background is not fully explained in the film, to overcome the vast gulf separating the classicist nature of their city.

Fig 1 Metropolis (1927)

Metropolis has the themes of human struggle and religion, the pampered citizens who live in luxury; as we see in the beginning with Freder frolicking in the garden with the women, oblivious to the lower class working 10 hour shifts to keep the machine running in the depths (who we see lined up like cattle at the beginning of the episode at the gates to the machines). 

“Maria longs for a messianic figure who can find a middle way between the head and the heart, the bosses and the workers: he will be the Mediator  (Bradshaw,2010). Maria wants to unite the bosses and workers together, she preaches to the workers in the catacombs where she stands in front of some crosses which are linked to Christianity.

Fig 2 Metropolis (1927)

The visuals in this film is absolutely breath taking, especially considering the time it was created in. This amazing city of the future, a place of towering skyscrapers and aerial expressways and the catacombs running under this beautiful city. Fully contrasting between the upper and working class. 
"With its immense sets and stark lighting, the workers' city is a credible image of hell, while the overground landscapes were a seminal influence on all subsequent science fiction" (Pierce, 2003). 

Fig 3 Metropolis (1927)

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