Friday, 6 February 2015

Adaptation Part A: Periodic Table of Fast Food Infographic & Art Of


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  2. Whilst your infographic is appealing via its light tone (music/ bright colours) and has successful designs I’d argue that there’s not enough ‘science’ in your ‘periodic table of fast food’. It reads more as food combining than the science of combining food – If that makes sense? For example the periodic table is a relationship between properties and families of elements. These all have their own characteristics; have been given their own unique symbol, and react to each other in different ways. This kind of analysis/ thinking is missing in your film/ concept, we only know that it’s the periodic table by the title and a starting ‘grid’, there is no mention of symbols or the science between the food after that. This was the creative part of your infographic concept…the bit you needed to make up – The ‘what if’ factor. For example ‘Chocolate + A Burger = horrible results’ or ‘Pizza + Burger = successful results’ told through science language – In short a series of experiments that reference a periodic table designed by you. This could have been achieved in a similar fashion to the example below…

    Note: I’m not convinced by your font choice...I’d suggest a font which references more closely famous fast food brands such a McDonalds.

    Note: In future work try to avoid ‘folding’ transitions – They are overly complicated and read as preset software ‘filters / effects’ even if they are not.