Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Narrative Film: The Heroes Journey - Wreck-it-Ralph

Ordinary world: 

In the video game "Fix it Felix Jr" where Ralph is the villain.

The call of adventure:

When the Nicelander Gene bets Ralph to win a medal to prove he's a "good guy".

"If you won a medal, we'll let you live up here in the penthouse. But it will never happen, because you're just the bad guy who wrecks the building."

Refusal of the call:

Although he's very serious about getting the medal, he knows its impossible for

Meeting the mentor: 

There isn't a prevalent mentor character in this film, but the bartender in Tappers who gives him advice

Crossing the threshold: 

Ralph game jumping into "Hero's Duty".

Test, Allies & Enemies:

Surviving through "Hero's Duty" and getting the medal. Led by Sgt. Calhoun through the game. Inadvertently stirs the entire nest of cy-bugs and accidentally brings one with him when he escapes Hero's Duty.

In "Sugar Rush", Ralph meet Vanellope von Schweetz, who takes his medal to use to enter a race she's banned from joining. When he catches up with her, he finds her being bullied by the other residents of Sugar Rush for being a glitch, he feels sorry for her and befriends her.


Ralph learns that Vanellope is an outcast for being a glitch and is denied the chance to enter the races because she's seen as a danger. He helps her get her own racing cart and teaches her how to drive.

The ordeal, death and rebirth:

King Candy comes to Ralph with his medal that Vanellope used to enter the race with, and offers it to him in return of him preventing Vanellope from racing. If she were to race and get selected for the roster, players will see her glitch and think the game is broken; which would result in the game being pulled and Vanellope being trapped within.

With the possibility of the death of the game, Vanellope's dream and death of Vanellope if the game is pulled, Ralph agrees to King Candy's offer.

Ralph finds out that King Candy has lied to them and messed with the games code so that he would be the king and got Vanellope out of the way. With this new knowledge he gets Vanellope to enter the race again. During it they find out King Candy's true identity to be Turbo, who had previously got two other games unplugged.

The cy-bugs have multiplied and end up combining with Turbo.

The resurrection:

Ralph stays behind to sacrifice himself to stop the cy-bugs and Turbo. At the start of the movie he was told he can't change who he is for being the "bad guy" but he's proving it wrong.

Return with elixir:

Ralph wins the game, and Vanellope crosses the finish line and is restarted. Once he returns to his own game Ralph sees his duty as the "bad guy" as merely a role to play.

The reward:

Ralph gets his medal back and saved Vanellope.

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