Thursday, 21 November 2013

Secret Lair OGR 20/11/2013

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  1. OGR 21/11/2013

    Hi Gemma,

    LOVE your invention of this Peacock dictator - fascinating, and you're working with all the richness of an established visual language. I pretty much like all of your decision making, though I would have loved to have seen some alternate versions of your throne room as this painting isn't quite as communicative as it could be - there's something a bit spongey about the bone-sculptures, and something a bit blobbly about the throne. Obviously, this derives from the organicism of their skull components, but I would like to see a tightening up of these elements before you go into production. Likewise, I think the lighting of the throne room needs finessing - or perhaps 'dramatising' further - for example, I could see how light wells above each of those bone piles could create a wonderfully ghoulish, yet ceremonial effect? Anyway, this is an imaginative response to two words with which I know you were experiencing some difficulty - but now I just want you to do this scenario justice by lavishing care and attention on ensuring you truly understand this space. I think it significant - and a bit frustrating - that this idea as arrived 'out of the blue' and without its brethren of thumbnails and workings out. You've yet again missed out on the opportunity for valuable feedback and encouragement. Please do not characterise the remaining weeks of this project similarly. We have talked about this element of your engagement before - get your work out there and reap the benefits! You're also behind re. reviews etc. I want to see a big improvement please, Gemma - you're idea is good, do it and yourself justice please :)