Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Adaptation Part B: Character Spectrum

During my tutorial with Alan we discussed what type of character Oiwa will be like. On one side of the spectrum she could be a hysterical spirit like Regan MacNeil in the Exorcist, which Oiwa is depicted as in the original kabuki play or on the other hand I can depict her as an ominous presence such as characters like; Jennet Humfrye from the Woman in Black, Samara from the Ring or Kayako Saeki from the Grudge.

Design-wise, if I were to go with the "hysterical" character, the main design focus would be Oiwa's face deformations and balding hair.

For the more ominous characterisation, the main focus would be on her kimono, adding extra details like another layer, the obi design etc. As when it was being discussed, Alan suggested having her worldly injuries disappear once she becomes an onryo. The atmosphere for the final short animation will be considerably more haunting just with her eerie presence.

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